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  • Organic Black Beans


    Organic black beans, grown on an organic farm near Shilo Manitoba.  Perfect for winter soup and refried beans :)

  • Organic Black Lentils


    This year’s batch of Black Lentils were grown by Grant Rigby on his organic farm near Turtle Mountain, Manitoba and are cleaned in our mill in Lundar. For years, the only lentils I knew were either muted green or red, the regular grocery store varieties. But the only recipe I knew that used lentils was…

  • Organic Sprouted Wild Rice


    Organic wild rice from Northwest Ontario.  This is the rice that we use in our oat-rice/wild-rice blend.  It is sprouted to reduce the cook-time to 25 minutes, which is what matches the cook-time of our oat-rice, but is also pretty handy for cooking up a batch of wild rice in a hurry as well.  And…

  • Organic Pinto Beans


    Grown by Brian Unrau on his organic farm near MacGregor Manitoba and milled/processed by Adagio Acres.  Perfect for refried beans, winter chili, and all things bean-y and delicious.  In a farm landscape full of soybeans, it’s quite rare to grow edible beans in Manitoba, and no small feat for a farmer as well, as our…

  • Organic Emmer


    Organic Emmer Flour – Grown by Patty and Andrew of Harris Ridge Farm near Stonewall and milled by Deruyck’s Top of the Hill Farm.  Emmer is an ancient variety of wheat with lower gluten content than modern wheat varieties, so it’s best used for products where fluffiness is not a desired outcome, or mixed with…

  • Naked Oats & Wild Rice Blend


    Organic Whole (Unmilled) Naked Oats & Organic Sprouted Wild Rice.  Organic & Gluten Free. Naked and Wild?!? For those of you who just can’t get enough of naked oats at breakfast, we now have the perfect solution.  This blend of whole unmilled naked oats and sprouted wild rice makes a perfect supper companion and knocks…

  • Naked Oats (9kg/20lbs)


    Organic Naked Oats. Your choice of Rolled, Steel Cut, Quick Cooking, or Whole/Unmilled. Grown and milled on our own farm.
    Gluten Free

    Available for home delivery or pick-up in Winnipeg, or email for a shipping quote for Canada-wide shipping (estimate $1/lb for most locations))

  • Organic Red Fife Flour (8kg/18lbs)


    Stone ground organic red fife flour.  Grown and milled by Benjamin Unrau.  Available sifted, finely sifted (general purpose), or as whole berries for home milling.

  • Organic Millet


    Organic millet is grown and milled by Deruyck’s Top of the Hill Farm near Trehearne Manitoba.

  • Organic Stone Ground Corn Meal


    Organic cornmeal, grown on Doug Unrau’s farm and milled by Adagio Acres.  Milled from a multi-coloured corn that is so much more interesting than the regular stuff!

  • Organic Navy Beans


    Organic navy beans, grown by Kroeker Farms, and cleaned and prepared by Adagio Acres.

  • Organic Flax Seed


    Organic whole flax seed, grown by Grant Rigby and cleaned/milled by Adagio Acres.  The perfect nutritional boost to oatmeal, smoothies and baking.

  • Organic Buckwheat Flour


    Our organic buckwheat is grown by Andrew Bryce, an organic farmer near Austin Manitoba.  The buckwheat is dehulled and then milled into flour on our farm.  Buckwheat is a gluten-free grain, not related at all to wheat (in fact, it’s not even a grain!).  It is, however, a close relative to sorrel and rhubarb, and…

  • Buckwheat Groats


    I have given up on milling buckwheat groats myself, as the process for dehulling buckwheat without smashing the inside groats into smithereens (flour) is a bit too precise for my equipment, so these buckwheat groats come from Dan and Fran Derucyk, at Top of the Hill Farms.  It’s always nice to have friends with top…

  • Organic Yellow Peas


    Yellow peas are grown by Fred near Souris Manitoba, and cleaned and prepared on our farm.

  • Yarn from Eli’s Wooly Wanderers


    Hi my name is Eli and I live at Adagio Acres. I have a herd of seven Icelandic sheep. In the spring, just before their lambs are born, we shear off their winter fleece (this helps to keep them cool when the weather gets warmer). Then I sort out the bits of hay and dirt…

  • Organic Einkhorn Flour/Berries


    Organic Einkhorn is grown by Ryan & Allie of Tamarack Farms near Riding Mountain.  Einkorn is considered to be the oldest wheat varieties, with a lower gluten content, more protein, and more antioxidants than modern wheat. This flour is stone ground and unsifted, and is a perfect nutritious boost to add to your baking.  A…

  • Organic Corn Flour


    Organic Corn Flour Grown on Doug Unrau’s organic farm near MacGregor Manitoba, and milled by Adagio Acres.  When we mill cornmeal, we send whole corn through our stone mill, and afterwards we sift it to get an even consistency and because we like the cornmeal to be fairly coarse.  This cornflour is the finest portion…

  • Organic Sunflower Oil (1L)


    Organic Sunflower Oil, grown and pressed by Deruyck’s Top of the Hill Farm.

  • Naked Oats (4.5kg)


    Organic naked oats.  Your choice of Rolled, Steel Cut, Quick Cooking, or Whole/Unmilled.  Grown & milled on our own farm.

  • Dehulled Hemp Hearts (1lb/450g)


    This is a new one for us, but a more common pantry staple for many.  We have been including whole hemp seeds ever since the beginning of the CSA.  They were a bit of an odd-ball, but we learned to use them in all sorts of creative ways. The hemp we are using this year…

  • Popcorn (900g/2lbs)


    Manitoba grown popcorn!!!

  • Teff Flour


    Teff flour.  Grown by Fred Martins and milled by Adagio Acres.