Organic Yellow Peas


Yellow peas are grown by Fred near Souris Manitoba, and cleaned and prepared on our farm.

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Yellow peas are a helpful addition to organic rotations because they pull enough nitrogen from the atmosphere for themselves to grow, and also leave extra nitrogen for crops in the following year.

New this year, we have 2 options for you!  The whole yellow peas take a bit longer to cook, but we love tossing them into curries or stews or anything we’d usually use chickpeas for.  They’re also great for sprouting 🙂

The other option is one you’re likely more familiar with – yellow peas zipped through our oat dehuller so that the hulls are removed and they easily shear in half.  These split peas cook much quicker, and make split pea soup in a jiffy!



Although i’m always on the look-out for Manitoba grown chickpeas, chickpeas are much more difficult to grow in this part of the world (they like conditions that are a bit hotter and  bit dryer than what we usually experience).  Conventional (non-organic) farmers will usually spray chickpeas with fungicides several times in a growing season, and organic farmers struggle to keep their crop free of disease.  So yellow peas it is!  It takes a bit of getting used to the different flavour (they taste more like fresh peas, whereas chickpeas are more neutral), but once you get over the mind block, they work in all the same ways, and now I reach for yellow peas instead of chickpeas in all my curries and chickpea types of recipes 🙂


Our favourite yellow pea hummus recipe:


Cover 1 cup peas with water and soak overnight, then simmer for 2 hours or until soft.  A pressure cooker or instant pot for 40 minutes will also do the trick.

Blend together:

Cooked yellow peas

1/2 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup tahini

2 tbsp olive or sunflower oil

3 cloves garlic

Dash of salt, pepper & paprika


That’s it that’s all!  Enjoy with veggies, crackers, or added to sandwiches.


Yellow Pea Hummus

2.2kg/5lbs Whole Peas, 4.5kg/10lbs Whole Peas, 2.2kg/5lbs Split Peas, 4.5kg/10lbs Split Peas