Naked Oats In the field Harvest

Welcome to Adagio Acres. We are an organic family farm in Manitoba, we love putting seeds in the ground, watching them grow, and sharing the harvest!

We believe that food should be a reminder and an excuse to slow down, to find a relaxed 'adagio' tempo that provides time for family, community, and the things that have real value to us. A warm bowl of oats in the morning as the sun rises instead of a drive-through muffin, stirring up a bowl of cookies with our kids instead of reaching into a plastic package for a factory-shaped sugar-sphere.

For us, a slower tempo means re-imagining agriculture as a practice that makes sense for family and for the communities around us. It means taking time to consider the needs of the land that we live on, one handful of dirt at a time.

Naked Oats

Grasshopper Sm w.testimonial Naked Oats have been cultivated for thousands of years, and are valued for their unique flavour and texture, higher nutritional levels, and sustainable processing.


Oats and Gluten

DSC05948sm Our commitment to providing gluten-free oats starts in the fields with carefully selected wheat-free seed, and ends in our dedicated gluten-free facility.  Learn more...  



Amy N 14 Looking for new ways to use Naked Oats?  We eat an absurd quantity of oats around here, and are always experimenting with new recipes and ideas.  


Facebook News Feed

  • We have officially started on this crazy Winter CSA idea. This weekend we ran a test batch of flax through our mill. It was incredible to see it go from a pile of straw and sticks and chaff and end up with something (almost) edible. We're thinking that 2 lbs of flax in each share would be about right. What do you think? How much flax would you use over the winter? Do you prefer to get it whole and grind it fresh as you use it, or should we be pre-grinding it? In other (less dusty) news, our web-link to purchase CSA shares is up and in the trial phase now 😮

    November 12

  • We've been dreaming up a crazy idea. We know how hard it is to source local food all through the year, so we're working on a project to round up organic grain left over after the fall harvest and make it available to Manitobans. If you would like to learn more about how you can help local farmers and fill your pantry with food for the winter, please follow the link and sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you posted as plans unfold!

    November 07

  • The magic of digging into the dirt and...voila!! I might have procrastinated with harvesting, but carrot breakfast cake is worth the wait!

    November 06

  • I think winter (i.e. the season of warm slippers and oatmeal) is officially here!

    November 03

  • Do you have an oatmeal lover in your life who was out of province for Thanksgiving? We have a variety pack of oats that we'll send out for free to the first person to send a pm with an out-of-province address!

    October 09