Welcome to Adagio Acres.

We are an organic family farm in Manitoba, we love putting seeds in the ground watching them grow, and sharing the harvest.

We believe that food should be a reminder and an excuse to slow down, to find a relaxed 'adagio' tempo that provides time for family, community, and the things that have real value to us.

For us, a slower tempo means re-imagining agriculture as a practice that makes sense for families and for the communities around us.  It means taking time to consider the needs of the land that we live on.

One handful of dirt at a time.

But we've been learning that building a resilient food system will take more than soil and rain.  It might also mean re-evaluating our systems of food distribution, our demands for product consistency, and a market led by global commodity prices, which results in inequality, unnecessary waste, and the deterioration of our natural ecosystems.

It might mean and creating a community of eaters and land stewards that are committed to putting the health of the land before everything else.

Thanks for joining us as we explore what this could look like.


Naked Oats

Naked Oats: why we love them, why we grow them, and everything you never thought you needed to know about oatmeal


Winter CSA

Our annual round-up of grains and pulses from organic farmers around Manitoba




We eat an absurd quantity of oats and lentils around here, and are always experimenting with new recipes and ideas.  Sometimes we even share.



Organic grains & pulses to your mailbox or doorstep