Popcorn (900g/2lbs)


Manitoba grown popcorn!!!

Brought to you by Valleyfield Acres, a small-scale vegetable farm near Morden.  You’ve seen veggies from Karen and her family in the veggie bundles over the past few years, and in 2023 they tried out a new crop – popcorn!  As experiments go, they are starting small and harvesting, shelling and processing everything by hand!  We are so excited to be able to include this product in our CSA bundles this year!

From Valleyfield Acres:

All of our seed was hand planted by myself (Karen) as we used a treed/sheltered area this first time around. The corn was hand weeded, handpicked, shelled by hand and thrashed with temporary battery tools mostly by my son and some help from the family. So thankful for his help! A very hands on project for us.
The 2 popcorn varieties in this blend have the same features with great tasting qualities, nearly hulless, & crispness. And we’ve noticed the large size popped kernels too. So impressed!
As the grower, we also tried these 2 varieties to compare the durability of plants during the season, as well as size of cobs, yields, maturity and weather adaptability. The biggest reason we trialed it was because of needed day length for complete maturity. We were not sure that our Manitoba growing season was long enough or had enough growing heat units.
But very excited to say, Both performed exceptionally and all worth it now that we all can enjoy it!
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Valleyfield Acres (https://www.localline.ca/valleyfield-acres) is not certified organic, but they do not use chemical fertiliers/herbicides/pesticides or GMO seeds on their farm.  In the grain world, where most grains are marketed to brokers, pooled together with similar crops with limited traceability, consumers rely on a “certified organic” label to know something about the crop’s growing conditions.  However, for farmers that use direct marketing  for most of their sales, customers are able to develop a trusting relationship with that farmer.  We know and trust that the crops grown by Valleyfield Acres are grown with conditions that meet or exceed the organic standards 🙂