Organic Corn Meal




Organic Corn Meal

Grown on Doug Unrau’s organic farm near MacGregor and milled by Adagio Acres.

It’s extremely difficult to find organic corn (non-gmo, no chemical fertilizers, etc.), so we’re particularly fond of this product.  Although I had never used much cornmeal before, i’m now finding that it is one of my pantry staples, and I use it regularly for cornbread, muffins, polenta, pizza crusts, and anything battered and fried (zucchini fries anyone?).  We’ve been impressed with how the flavour and texture of this cornmeal is so much more interesting than the “regular” stuff!

I know that cornmeal is becoming a favourite for many, but we are likely going to be running low this year, so there is only 1 add-on of cornmeal allowed for each order.


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1.3kg(3lbs), 2.7kg (6lbs)