4.5kg Naked Oats


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Organic Naked Oats (4.5kg/10 lbs).  We’ve added this new size to be available only for ordering with our Winter Grain Bundles.

For endless chatter about our oats, why we grow them, what makes a naked oat different, and descriptions of the different types of oats, check out our description page here.

Your choice of Rolled, Steel Cut, Quick Cooking, or Whole/Unmilled Oats.

This product is only available if you are adding on to a Winter Grain Bundle. If there is extra product left after our CSA is finished in January it will be available to purchase individually at that time.

Grown & milled by Adagio Acres.

Also available in a 9kg/20lb size here.


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Rolled, Steel Cut, Quick Cooking, Whole/Unmilled