Buckwheat Groats


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I have given up on milling buckwheat groats myself, as the process for dehulling buckwheat without smashing the inside groats into smithereens (flour) is a bit too precise for my equipment, so these buckwheat groats come from Dan and Fran Derucyk, at Top of the Hill Farms.  It’s always nice to have friends with top notch equipment and grain milling skills 🙂  As they also mill wheat and rye, there is a chance of cross-contamination with gluten in this product.

I love using whole buckwheat in granola, or mixed into my morning porridge.  I don’t have equipment to roast the buckwheat before you get it, but if you toast the kernels in a pan before cooking it, the full flavour is really brought out.


5lbs (2.2kg), 10lbs (4.5kg)