We love growing and milling Naked Oats, and filling porridge pots and cookie jars across Canada!


Manitoba Oats and Grains 

This category has larger quantities for our local customers (Winnipeg home delivery or pick-up).  Ordering these products in quantities up to 63lbs is also possible for postal delivery across Canada, but you will need to send me an email with your requested order and postal code so that I can run a shipping quote.  A good estimate is $1/lb for additional shipping charges.

Canada Wide Shipping

This category is for those interested in ordering smaller quantities (600-900g packages) of our products.  Select eight products or more for free shipping anywhere in Canada! Or use the coupon code “winnipegdelivery” to take $15 off the price for home delivery in Winnipeg.

Animal Feed

This category includes screenings from our mill that are suitable for feeding pets and livestock.