We love growing and milling Naked Oats, and filling porridge pots and cookie jars across Canada!

The category “Delivery via Canada Post” is for those interested in ordering smaller quantities (600-900g packages) of our products.  Pricing is adjusted to account for the cost of shipping within Canada.

The category “Oats and Grains for Winnipeg Delivery” has larger quantities (2.2kg to 9kg packages) for home delivery or Winnipeg pick-up.


Two years ago, we started to work with other organic farmers across Manitoba to compile a larger assortment of grains, pulses, flours and oils.  Crops that we couldn’t grow in our own rocky fields, but that are being grown on organic farms in Manitoba.  We learned that a lot of crops end up as “on-farm food-loss” if the quantity of a crop harvested doesn’t match the volume of a semi truck or shipping container.  We want to fill the gap of large scale and global food systems by offering local processing for lentils, beans, chickpeas, and other crops that otherwise wouldn’t be available locally.  We’re excited that we can now offer Manitobans a wider variety of amazing food products, all the while reducing our environmental impact and keeping our local farming communities vibrant.