Our Farm

Adagio Acres is a small family farm of 80 acres located in the Interlake region of Manitoba.  Our crops are grown organically,  so we rely on long rotations with perennial grasses to manage weeds and build soil health instead of using chemicals, and fertilize our fields with manure to help close the nutrient loop.  

We also place high value on natural biodiversity and maintaining natural habitat for wildlife, so our small fields are interspersed with marshland and forests, making them excellent habitat for deer, elk, coyotes, birds, and insects.


Our organic certification is just part of the picture though, and we take every measure possible to ensure that everything we do has the health of our environment in mind.   We are proud to be part of the movement of organic growers who are dedicated to using agricultural methods that enhance the health of the soil, knowing that is the foundation for healthy bugs, birds, water, animals…and us.

The land on which we grow our crops is our children’s kite-flying field and our favourite destination for an evening walk.  We can see the interconnectedness of our own personal wellbeing and the health of the land we live on, and we believe that organic land management, together with regenerative agricultural practices, are essential in forging a path towards a sustainable future.

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You can hear my conversation with Cate Friesen on the podcast “Here’s How it’s Done” as we talk about our journey towards farming, and how our farm and mill has been adapting and changing over the past few years.