9kg Oat Screenings (best for oat milk)



Organic Naked Oats (9kg/20 lbs)

These oats are a “waste product” from our mill that we like to put to good use!  We need to separate out the longest oats in order to take out some of the oats that have hulls adhered to them.  It seems silly that these oats should be wasted, so we have found that a great way to use them is for making oat milk.  To make oat milk, there are a lot of great instructions out there, but at it’s simplest, oats are simply combined with water (approximately 1 cup oats with 3 cups of water), soaked for a while, blended together, and then strained.  The hulls that are mixed in with the oats are strained out, leaving a delicious oat milk that can be used for baking, lattes, or other dairy-free milk uses.

Available for on-farm pick-up, or delivered to a Winnipeg address (select this as your “shipping” option in the checkout field).



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