Organic Einkhorn Flour/Berries



Organic Einkhorn is grown by Ryan & Allie of Tamarack Farms near Riding Mountain.  Einkorn is considered to be the oldest wheat varieties, with a lower gluten content, more protein, and more antioxidants than modern wheat.

Whole berries can be cooked whole, or milled into flour.  The flour is stone ground and unsifted, and is a perfect nutritious boost to add to your baking.  A little bit goes a long way – I usually add einkhorn at 25% to my pancakes and certainly notice the flavour difference.  It’s also wonderful for sourdough starters, as starters like being fed the extra nutrients.


Ryan Pengelly of Tamarack Farms…in a field of quinoa…but his einkhorn is equally beautiful 🙂

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2.7kg/6lbs Flour, 4.5kg/10lbs Whole Berries