Organic Einkhorn Flour/Berries

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Organic Einkhorn is grown by Ryan & Allie of Tamarack Farms near Riding Mountain.  Einkorn is considered to be the oldest wheat varieties, with a lower gluten content, more protein, and more antioxidants than modern wheat.  We’re super sad that there is no quinoa from Tamarack Farms available this year due to the drought conditions of the past summer, but we’re keeping our hopes pinned on next year, and in the meantime, we’ll make some delightful biscuits and dream of quinoa for next year (the photo shows quinoa not einkorn…but the same amazing farmer…).

Whole berries can be cooked whole, or milled into flour.  The flour is stone ground and unsifted, and is a highly nutritious addition to your baking.


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1.8kg/4lbs Flour, 3.6kg/8lbs Flour, 4.5kg/10lbs Whole Berries