Organic Stone Ground Emmer Flour


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Organic Emmer Flour – Grown by Patty and Andrew of Harris Ridge Farm near Stonewall and milled by Deruyck’s Top of the Hill Farm.  Emmer is an ancient variety of wheat with lower gluten content than modern wheat varieties, so it’s best used for products where fluffiness is not a desired outcome, or mixed with a higher gluten flour for a more “normal” texture.  But the density comes along with nutritional amazing-ness, so it’s worth the extra effort!

Available for pick-up or delivery in January 2021.

The sale price listed here is only available if you are adding this item to a Winter Grain Bundle.  If there is extra product left after our CSA is finished in January it will be available to purchase individually at that time.

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4.5kg/10lbs, 9kg/20lbs