Organic Emmer


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Organic Emmer Flour – Grown by Patty and Andrew of Harris Ridge Farm near Stonewall and milled by Deruyck’s Top of the Hill Farm.  Emmer is an ancient variety of wheat with lower gluten content than modern wheat varieties, so it’s best used for products where fluffiness is not a desired outcome, or mixed with a higher gluten flour for a more “normal” texture.  But the density comes along with nutritional amazing-ness, so it’s worth the extra effort!

Alternatively, if you happen to be the sourdough type, try replacing the rye flour in your sourdough starter with emmer, and that’s where this flour seems to really shine.  Amazing flavour and so many happy little bubbles in your starter 🙂



2.7kg/6lbs, 9kg/20lbs, 2.7kg/8lbs whole berries