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Once your shopping cart reaches $47.50 ($9.50 x 5) it will trigger a free shipping code. We use Canada Post’s shipping boxes with a 11lb weight limit, so we can only fit 5 packages in each order. For orders that include our Blueberry Wild Rice Oatmeal Blend (375g) we have put together a few bundles that take advantage of squishing in an extra package.

If you live in Winnipeg, you can order from this category as well, but you need to ‘trick’ our website to do it. Select the “local pick-up” option at the checkout if you have ordered 5 packages or more, but indicate in the notes section that you would like delivery to Winnipeg and we will drop off at no extra cost.

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  • Just enjoyed my first bowl of ‘naked’ oats for night snack (having missed supper after a large and varied brunch with friends). I made it before i read your instructions, but must have got it right because it is wonderful. Creamy and grainy at the same time. Where can I buy these oats? My night snack came courtesy of Jennifer Nikkel, who has some connections over there. Thanks. Awesome stuff. Glad to see a new generation of farmers like you.

  • And now that I’ve read the rest of the info on your website here, I also know where I can buy them! Thanks.

  • Hi

    I would like to access your recipes

    Thank you

  • Hi George – thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will work on changing the format for the image gallery tomorrow morning…my apologies for any inconvenience!

  • I tried your energy bites at Sobeys last weekend. They were so delishous ! I purchased your oats and made the bites tonight. They are a hit in the family! Hubby says they remind him of eat more bars . We will be trying some more recipes and enjoy the fact that your products are organic! Awesome!

  • Thanks for getting in touch Eileen – i’m glad you enjoyed the energy bites! Did you follow the recipe ‘as is’ or did you make any modifications? I’m always interested in new variations, substitutions, etc.

  • Hi There….trying to find the steel cut naked oat recipe i sampled at the grocery store. I remember you toasted the grain first. Do you have this recipe….i think you called it a “salad”….served cold with veggies.

  • So sorry about that – somehow my photo and link to that recipe was deleted. I think I’ve got it back up on the recipe page, and the direct link to is it Thanks for pointing this out, and enjoy!

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