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  • Manitoba Sampler Pack (10 products)


    A sample of each of the products that we’ve milled over the past year!  Test out the best grains and pulses, grown on Manitoba organic farms: Naked Oats (your choice of Rolled, Quick, or Steel Cut) 900g Pinto Beans 600g Black Lentils 600g Whole Flax 600g French Green Lentils 600g Yellow Peas 600g Cornmeal 600g…

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  • Quick Cooking Naked Oats


    Quick cooking naked oats!? It might not quite sound like a good fit with our ‘slow food/good food’ philosophy but when it comes to baking (think muffins, bars, cakes, etc), the smaller thinner flakes seem to work a bit nicer.  We also realize that sometimes we have to grab a bowl of oats on the go!  But these oats aren’t heat processed in any way as conventional quick oats are, so they aren’t ‘instant’, we recommend a cook time of 2-3 minutes for porridge.

    Gluten Free
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  • Steel Cut Naked Oats


    For those of us who love slow mornings as a pot of oatmeal simmers on the stove, our naked steel cut oats are the perfect start to a cold morning (or any morning, really!).  They cook a bit quicker than most steel cut oats (we recommend 10-12 minutes) because naked oats are a bit smaller, and because we invented our own steel cutter, and when the pieces were all together, voila, it cut a bit smaller, and we didn’t have another month to tear it all apart again :)  But after trying it out we were hooked.  Wonderful creamy texture, and an extra 10 minutes to sleep in.  Perfect!


    Gluten Free

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  • Rolled Naked Oats


    Our Rolled Oats are milled with breakfast in mind.  The extra thick flakes maintain a wonderful flake-y texture, perfect for your morning porridge, and also ideal for granola, crisps, or chewy cookies.


    Gluten Free

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  • Whole (unmilled) Naked Oats


    Our Unmilled Naked Oats are left in their whole form so they can be used for sprouting or home milling.  After harvest, they are “cleaned” (the process of removing straw, chaff, weed seeds, etc.) but then are not milled or heat processed so they are still a living grain.  Whole oats can be milled at home, cooked whole like a grain of rice, or sprouted!

  • Organic Buckwheat Flour (700g)


    Organic Stoneground Buckwheat Flour We are excited to bring you buckwheat flour from Andrew Bryce! Andrew grows buckwheat on his small organic farm near Austin Manitoba. Because his farm has not recently grown grains containing gluten, like wheat, barley, or rye, and because our own mill is dedicated to gluten free grains as well, this…

  • Blueberry & Wild Rice Oatmeal Blend


    Naked and Wild?!?  In this delicious breakfast blend we combine our rolled naked oats with the rich nutty flavour of wild rice and the natural sweetness of wild blueberries, with a hint of cinnamon.  We believe that sustainably harvested wild food can lead to healthy ecosystems and strong Northern communities, all to bring you a quintessentially Canadian breakfast experience!

  • Organic Yellow Peas (700g)


    Organic Yellow Peas This wonderful product is grown and cleaned by Tamarack Farms near Riding Mountain.  Yellow peas are a helpful addition to organic rotations because they pull enough nitrogen from the atmosphere for themselves to grow, and also leave extra nitrogen for crops in the following year.  We’re particularly fond of these little guys,…

  • Organic Black Beluga Lentils (600g)


    Organic Lentils (600g/1.3 lbs) Our Black Beluga Lentils are grown by Grant Rigby (more famously known for his “Rigby Orchards” organic wines and meads), and are cleaned in our organic grain mill near Lundar.  I’m told that these teeny tiny little lentils are named after beluga caviar (not that i’m familiar with what that looks…

  • Organic Corn Meal (600g)


    Organic Corn Meal (600g/1.3 lbs) Grown in Manitoba on Doug Unrau’s organic farm near MacGregor Manitoba and milled by Adagio Acres.  It’s extremely difficult to find organic corn (non-gmo, no chemical fertilizers, etc.), so we’re particularly fond of this product.  We zipped a batch through our roller mill for the first time last winter, and…

  • Organic French Green Lentils (600g)


    Organic Manitoba Grown French Green Lentils (600g) Our French Green Lentils were grown on John Finnie’s organic farm in Western Manitoba, and are cleaned in our mill in Lundar.  These are whole lentils, so they take a bit longer to cook than a split lentil, but the wait is worth it!  Some of the background…

  • Organic Flax Seed (600g/1.3lb)


    Grown by Wayne James of Hidden Valley Farm near Beausejour, Manitoba and milled/processed by Adagio Acres. These whole flax seeds can be ground into flaxmeal to add to oatmeal, baking, smoothies, or for a nutritional boost to toppings…or just about anything!  For the brave, there’s flaxmilk, or even flax hair products!  Because flax has a…

  • Naked and Wild Rice Blend


    Naked and Wild?!? For those of you who just can’t get enough of naked oats at breakfast, we now have the perfect solution.  This blend of whole unmilled naked oats and sprouted wild rice makes a perfect supper companion and knocks the socks off of white rice when it comes to nutrition and flavour.  Whether stuffed in a turkey, tossed in a pot of soup or casserole, or cooked up as a side dish, it will bring a smile to the oat lover in us all.  Organic & Gluten Free.  600g

    Check out our recipes for some great oat-rice ideas:

    Sundried Tomato Risotto

    Asperagus Casserole

    Naked & Wild Shakshuka

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