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  • Bulk Oat Screenings (1,200lbs)


    Organic hulless oat screenings.  Usually 60-80% chopped or whole oats, with a mix of weeds, chaff, hulls, etc.  There will be some variation from batch to batch depending on our milling specifications each day.  Hulless oats are approx. 14% protein. $0.15/lb Spray free, non-GMO and certified organic. The screenings are mostly hulless (naked) oats, but…

  • Organic Chicken Scratch Blend


    A blend of organic grains, formulated to be a great addition to the diet of laying hens at approximately 17% protein. The mix consists of: Hulless/Naked Oats (59%) Split Yellow Peas (25%) Yellow and red corn (7%) Buckwheat (5%) Flax (4%) Not a complete feed.  Additional mineral/calcium needed to meet the full nutritional needs of…

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    Corn Screenings (40lbs)


    These corn screenings are made up of the by-products from milling cornmeal. A mix of the outer hull/fibre layer mixed with larger pieces of the inner corn meal and some whole corn mixed in. 40lb bags for $12 each. Delivery to Winnipeg is available for a $15 delivery charge.  However, I need to have extra…

  • Flour-y Oat Screenings (40lbs)


    Organic hulless oat screenings.  These are the screenings that we pull from the vacuum system that we use for conveying oats into our packaging room.  They vary a lot from day to day depending on whether the oats were quick, rolled, or steel.  They can be quite dusty/floury, or a mix of chopped up oats. …