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  • Grain Bundle Donation


    Help us make local organic food available to everyone! It feels amazing to be surrounded by the abundance of all this incredible food.  But that feeling diminishes when we think of so many people who don’t have secure access to nutritious food in our community. Each year of our Winter Grain CSA, we have been…

  • Flour-y Oat Screenings (40lbs)


    Organic hulless oat screenings.  These are the screenings that we pull from the vacuum system that we use for conveying oats into our packaging room.  They vary a lot from day to day depending on whether the oats were quick, rolled, or steel.  They can be quite dusty/floury, or a mix of chopped up oats. …

  • Rolled Oat Screenings (40lbs)


    Organic hulless oat screenings, rolled into flakes to make them more digestible for chickens (also great for pigs, goats, etc.).  Approx. 14% protein.  Not to be used as a complete feed, but makes a great addition to other grains or up to 60% if mixed with a formulated layer/grower crumble, or mixed with other grains/legumes. …