900g (2lbs) Organic Flax Seed



Organic Manitoba grown flax (900g/2 lbs)

Grown on Manitoba organic farms, and milled/processed by Adagio Acres.

These whole flax seeds can be ground into flaxmeal to add to oatmeal, baking, smoothies, or for a nutritional boost to toppings…or just about anything!  For the brave, there’s flaxmilk, or even flax hair products!  Because flax has a high oil content, it is best ground fresh before using, or kept in the freezer after being ground.

This product will come in an oat package or an unlabelled bag because we don’t have packages printed yet (and our packaging supplier is experiencing manufacturing delays…).


Additional information

What kind of oats do you want for your 9kg add-on?

Rolled, Steel Cut, Quick Cooking, or Whole Oats?

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