600g Organic Black Beluga Lentils



Organic Lentils (900g/2 lbs)

Our Black Beluga Lentils are grown by Grant Rigby (more famously known for his “Rigby Orchards” organic wines and meads!), and are cleaned in our mill in Lundar.  I’m told that these teeny tiny little lentils are named after beluga caviar (not that i’m familiar with what that looks like…), and although they soften quicker than a normal lentil (about 20 minutes cook time) they retain their dark colour and don’t get mushy, making them perfect for salads and…well…just about everything!

One of our favourite lentil recipes is posted here, and there are piles of other recipes shared on the “Winter Grain CSA” facebook group.  Look for the entire BOOK of lentil recipes posted by one of the members 🙂

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