Organic Corn Meal

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Organic Corn Meal (1.36kg/3 lbs)

Grown in Manitoba on an organic farm near Brandon (to be honest, this one’s a bit speculative still…you might end up with a refund if the corn doesn’t dry down for harvest soon!), and milled by Adagio Acres.  It’s extremely difficult to find organic corn (non-gmo, no chemical fertilizers, etc.), so we’re particularly fond of this product.  We zipped a batch through our roller mill for the first time last winter, and now we can’t go back!  Wonderful in cornbread, muffins, and polenta, we’ve been impressed with how the flavour and texture of this cornmeal is so much more interesting than the “regular” stuff!

Available to add on to your winter grain share for pick-up or delivery in January 2021.

This product is only available if you are adding on to a Winter Grain Bundle.  If there is extra product left after our CSA is finished in January it will be available to purchase individually at that time.