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Veggie bundles are a selection of locally grown, chemical-free root veggies and sprouts.  Optional frozen berries (saskatoons and raspberries) as well!

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The perfect addition to a winter-y lentil soup.  We don’t know exactly what will be in the bundles, because storing veggies into January can be a bit of a challenge, but expect all the regular suspects – potatoes, carrots, squash, beets, cabbage, onions, and garlic, with the possible addition of leeks, celeraic, radishes, shallots or parsnips!  This year we will be working with Karen from Valleyfield Acres for most of the roots and veggies, with organic potatoes from Benjamin Unrau, garlic from Ground to Gut Gardens, and sprouts from Cal’s Crops. Expect approximately 20 pounds of storage crops, as well as a few types of fresh grown sprouts and about 1/3lb of garlic.

Although grains are of course what the Grain CSA is about, we happen to know a lot of other farmers, and it’s always exciting to get a mid-winter top of up of fresh veggies and greens, and helps to kick-start creativity in the kitchen when you get your grain bundles.  The sprouts are always a highlight for me (maybe just maybe because i’m sick and tired of looking at grain by then, after processing thousands of pounds for your grain bundles!), and it’s fun to create 100% local soups and dishes in the week after the CSA with sprouts giving green-crisp toppings to everything 😉

This year, there is also the option to add frozen berries to your veggie bundle to complement your winter baking or oatmeal pot.  Raspberries and saskatoons from Valleyfield Acres!  The veggie bundle with frozen fruit contains all of the veggies and sprouts in the regular bundle, plus 500ml of frozen crushed raspberries and 500ml of frozen whole saskatoons.

Available for pick up only with your winter grain bundles in January 2024.  Sorry, the veggie bundles are not available for home delivery due to our limited refrigeration and cold-storage capacity.


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Veggie Bundle, Veggie Bundle with Frozen Fruit