Garden Seeds


A selection of vegetable seeds, bred, grown, processed, and saved from heirloom and experimental varieties by Tiny Monster Garden, near Lorette, Manitoba.  We need so much more of this kind of locally adapted small scale plant breeding, from kitchen gardeners and farmers alike, to create and (re)discover the varieties that will feed us into the future!  Some of the seeds from Tiny Monster Garden have become my favourite garden surprises (pancho and lefty peppers are amazing!!!), and some beautiful dry beans that i’m testing out in the middle of my fields for larger scale production!

You will be able to choose any 5 seed varieties from this list:

Sunrise Bumblebee (cherry tomato)
Juan Flamme (cocktail size)
Manitoba (mid-size)
Tiny Tiger (dwarf variety, large cherry tomato)
Costoluto Genovese (mid-large size)
Peasant (mid-sized roma)
Italian heirloom Costoluto Genovese tomatoes
Jimmy Nardello sweet pepper
Poblano hot
Criolla Sella hot
Pancho & Lefty hot
Pancho & Lefty Hot Peppers
Candystick dessert delicata winter squash
Desert Spirit culinary Landrace winter squash
Goldini zucchini
Shintokiwa cucumber

Appaloosa bush
Papa de Rolo pole
San Bernardo Blue pole
Mazeppa bush
Beauregarde snow pea
Appoloosa Bush Beans