Rolled Oat Screenings (40lbs)



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10 And more. $12.00


Organic hulless oat screenings, rolled into flakes to make them more digestible for chickens (also great for pigs, goats, etc.).  Approx. 14% protein.  Not to be used as a complete feed, but makes a great addition to other grains or up to 60% if mixed with a formulated layer/grower crumble, or mixed with other grains/legumes.  Spray free, non-GMO and certified organic.

The screenings are mostly hulless (naked) oats, but also some chaff, wild oats, hulls, weeds, etc.  There will be some variation from batch to batch depending on our milling specifications each day.

We feed a blend of about 40% rolled oats, 20% layer crumble, 20% corn middlings, 10% flax and 10% sprouted lentils or beans, but our ladies always choose the oats first from their feed trough 🙂

It is not recommended to feed oats to young chicks.  Delay introduction of oats until 4 weeks of age.

40 lb bags are $15 each, or $12 each if you’re buying 10 or more bags.

Delivery to Winnipeg is (sometimes) available for a $15 delivery charge.  However, I need to have extra space in the van to fit in the feed, so if you are ordering a larger quantity it might be a few weeks before I can get them to you.  Pick-up on farm is always available.

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