Organic Quinoa (1.8kg/4lbs)

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Growing quinoa is Canada is quite the feat and there are very few farms that are successful at it.  We are super excited to be able to offer this incredible Manitoba grown quinoa from our friends at Tamarack Farms.  The fact that quinoa is not very competitive (so weeds tend to overshadow it) and also incredibly tasty to insects (and to us) are only some of the challenges that Tamarack Farms has been working to overcome on their multi-generation farm near Riding Mountain.  This year was particularly dicey – 12 inches of rain in one deluge means that most of their crop was drowned out, and there are limited quantities available this season 🙁

Their quinoa is pre-washed to remove tannins, and the grains are slightly smaller and darker than a lot of the more commonly available varieties.

Available to add on to your winter grain share for pick-up or delivery in January 2021.

The sale price listed here is only available if you are adding this item to a Winter Grain Bundle. If there is extra product left after our CSA is finished in January it will be available to purchase individually at that time.