Organic Potatoes – order by May 10th


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Benjamin Unrau’s organic farm near MacGregor Manitoba is the source of the red fife flour that was included in last year’s grain CSA.  He grows some grains, taps maple syrup, and also grows veggies.  Last fall, he harvested an abundance of organic carrots and potatoes (these were included in the veggies bundles in January).  The potatoes have been in cold storage all winter, and with spring coming they are still in great condition, but they need homes.  50lb bags are just $24 each!!!

Orders for organic potatoes need to be placed by May 10th, with home delivery or pick-up in Winnipeg late in the week.  The option for pick-ups at Forth Cafe are not available for the potatoes because they are too bulky to store there, but if you have a flexible schedule and would be able to meet me at an undetermined day/time/location in Winnipeg, you can select pick-up at Forth to avoid the delivery charge by meeting me at a park while I stop for lunch with the kids 🙂  Sadly, i’m not organized enough to plan my life a week in advance…and spring planting is just around the corner…

Quick Update:  planting is nearly done, and it looks like the Winnipeg pick-up option will likely be on Friday, May 14th, some time in the afternoon…i’ll send out confirmation and the location by email a few days beforehand.