The folks at Green Rabbit Farms are pleased to be bringing the culinary and medicinal experience of mushrooms to the Winter Grain CSA community again this year.

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Mushrooms are rich in amino acids, B vitamins and minerals. You can expect to see White/Blue/Black Pearl King Oysters, Lions Mane, Chestnut, and potentially others in this years fresh/dried portion.

Mushrooms from Green Rabbit Farms are available in four different formats:

Fresh mushrooms ($40) are great meat substitute, and also great in addition to meat (or anything really). Very versatile, tasty and easy to use.

Dried mushrooms ($40) are a healthful and medicinal addition to soups and broths all winter long.
Mushrooms can simply be rehydrated with hot water to be used in sauces, sautés stifrys or baked dishes.

Medicinal varieties can be tinctured and used for their health and immune boosting benefits.

Mushroom Grow Blocks ($30) can be a fun and rewarding little project if success is achieved.  Each grow block will include a simple set of instructions to set you up for success, or check out the workshop on growing mushrooms that will be available at the CSA pick-up day!

With a little time and attention, multiple batches of fresh mushrooms can be harvested from each block.  Blue/white oyster, chestnut, and lions mane are available (while quantities last

Mushroom Immunity Tincture ($25)
All the medicinal varieties that Green Rabbit Farms has to offer. This potent blend of mushroom fruiting bodies have been duel extracted to release the alcohol and water soluble medicinal compounds, and are ready to consume.
Each 2oz bottle contains
Lions mane (nervous system/cognitive support)
Chaga (immune function)
Reishi (immunity/antiviral defence)
Shiitake (anti-microbial/cardiovascular health)


Please note:  We cannot offer home delivery with orders of fresh mushrooms and mushroom grow blocks, as we do not have refrigeration capacity to ensure that these products would make it to you in good condition.



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