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Mushroom Harvest Packs ($44)

The folks at Green Rabbit Farms are pleased to be bringing the culinary and medicinal experience of mushrooms to the Winter Grain CSA community again this year.

Mushrooms are rich in amino acids, B vitamins and minerals. You can expect to see White/Blue/Black Pearl King Oysters, Lions Mane, Chestnut, and potentially others in this years fresh/dried portion.

Fresh mushrooms are great meat substitute, and also great in addition to meat (or anything really). Very versatile, tasty and easy to use.

Dried mushrooms are a healthful and medicinal addition to soups and broths all winter long.
Mushrooms can simply be rehydrated with hot water to be used in sauces, sautés stifrys or baked dishes.

Medicinal varieties can be tinctured and used for their health and immune boosting benefits.

I couldn’t believe the incredible varieties last year…opening a box of fresh mushrooms in January was like unveiling a work of art 🙂 


Mushrooms are available in the following options:

1kg fresh $44 (fresh mushrooms are not available for home delivery – we don’t have storage capacity to ensure we can get them to you in good condition)


150g dried $44



Dried Mushrooms

Fresh Mushrooms



Mushroom Grow Blocks ($24) (not available for home delivery – we don’t have storage capacity to ensure we can get them to you in good condition)
Have a shot at growing your own mushrooms at home – with a little care and attention, you can harvest your very own culinary and medicinal fungi!
Choice of Lions main, white oyster or blue oyster. All of which are great for first-time cultivators!
Each grow block will include a simple set of instructions, but here is a summary
Setting your Grow Block up for success
Choose an area with dispursed daylight (no direct sunlight) with a temperature of 18-22 degrees.
Choose an area that you wont forget about it!
Cut a slit in the bag, and place in a clear tote.
Maintain the appearance of condensation on the walls of a clear tote by applying water from a spay bottle at least once per day until the fruiting cyle is complete. Careful not to directly spray the fruiting body! Leave the lid ajar to allow for some air flow, or remove the lid completely depending on the requirements of the species. 
Mushrooms grow in the forest, so growing indoors is a delicate balance of maintaining humidity while providing enough air exchanges. Success can be achieved with a little consistency and attention.
First harvest can be expected 10-14 days after the initial pin set. Each block can we misted and reinitiated for up to 3 successive flushes.
Four Mushroom Immunity Tincture ($24)
A blend of all the medicinal mushroom varieties that Green Rabbit Farms has to offer. This potent blend of mushroom fruiting bodies have been duel extracted to release the alcohol and water soluble medicinal compounds, and are ready to consume.
Each 2oz bottle contains

Lions mane (nervous system/cognitive support)
Turkey tail (immune function/gut health)
Reishi (immunity/antiviral defence)
Shiitake (anti-microbial/cardiovascular health)
Water and Trees Blood maple syrup(processed in Brandon MB)


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1kg Fresh, 150g Dried, Grow Block, Tincture

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