Lentil Screenings (40lbs)



Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
10 And more. $16.00
And more. $18.00


Organic lentil screenings are mostly lentils (70-90%) along with weeds/chaff/dust/straw/etc. that are sorted out of our food grade lentils.  Each batch varies quite a bit – one bag will be almost perfect lentils, but happened to have spilled on the floor, and the next might be quite dirty.  It’s a mix of whatever we have on hand 🙂

Lentils are often whole, but sometimes split in half.  If you’re wanting whole lentils that can be sprouted, please indicate this in the order notes, and we can find bags that are mostly whole/sproutable lentils.

Either Black Lentils or French Green Lentils.

Spray free, non-GMO and certified organic.

We feed our own chickens a blend of about 50% rolled oats, 20% layer crumble, 20% sprouted lentils or beans, 10% corn middlings and 10% flax.  This isn’t an exact science, and everyone’s flock will vary depending on the time of year, access to pasture, etc., but it’s what seems to work best for us, and certainly helps decrease the cost of organic feed.

40 lb bags of lentil screenings are $18 each, or $16 each if you’re buying 10 or more bags.

I soak the lentils in water overnight to help soften them and make them more digestible.  Lentils have also been shown to work well as part of a ration for pigs, and can replace beans or soy in their feed.

There are also a few bags available of misc. screenings (shown in the second photo).  These are a high percentage of weed seeds, with a smaller amount of lentils.  These can help extend a grain ration, although shouldn’t be used for a larger portion of a feed diet.  $10 for each 40lb bag.

Delivery to Winnipeg is (sometimes) available for a $12 delivery charge.  However, I need to have extra space in the van to fit in the feed, so if you are ordering a larger quantity it might be a few weeks before I can get them to you.  Please get in touch by email to see what works best for timing, and whether we have a pick-up spot available.  The checkout will show that pick-up at Forth is an option, but it isn’t actually available for our animal feed bags.

Pick-up on farm is always available.