Flour-y Oat Screenings (40lbs)



Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
10 And more. $6.00


Organic hulless oat screenings.  These are the screenings that we pull from the vacuum system that we use for conveying oats into our packaging room.  They vary a lot from day to day depending on whether the oats were quick, rolled, or steel.  They can be quite dusty/floury, or a mix of chopped up oats.  Less dependable than our rolled oats screenings, but this is reflected in the pricing.

Approx. 13% protein.  Not to be used as a complete feed, but makes a great addition to other grains or up to 60% if mixed with a formulated layer/grower crumble, or mixed with other grains/legumes.  Spray free, non-GMO and certified organic.

Because these are quite floury, they work fine with chickens, but for animals that are fussy about dust, it works best when combined into a liquid slop.  Definitely a favourite for pigs 🙂

It is not recommended to feed oats to young chicks.  Delay introduction of oats until 4 weeks of age.

40 lb bags are $8 each, or $6 each if you’re buying 10 or more bags.

Delivery to Winnipeg is (sometimes) available for a $15 delivery charge.  However, I need to have extra space in the van to fit in the feed, so if you are ordering a larger quantity it might be a few weeks before I can get them to you.  Pick-up on farm is always available.

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