Mushroom Harvest Packs

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Mushroom Harvest Variety Packs


Mushrooms are rich in amino acids, B vitamins and minerals. 

Fresh mushrooms are great meat substitute, and also great in addition to meat (or anything really). Very versatile, tasty and easy to use. 

Dried mushrooms are a healthful and medicinal addition to soups and broths all winter long.  

Mushrooms can simply be rehydrated with hot water to be used in sauces, sautés stifrys or baked dishes.

Medicinal varieties can be tinctured and used for their health and immune boosting benefits.

At Green Rabbit Farms in Erickson, Katy and Dustin will be producing the following fresh mushrooms all year long (and a few more in the warmer months). You can expect to see a few of these in your fresh and dried portion.


King Oyster

Lions Mane

Blue/Grey/White Oyster




Available in the following options:

1kg fresh

150g dried

or 500g fresh and 75g dried



Dried Mushrooms

Fresh Mushrooms




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1kg fresh, 150g dried, 500g fresh and 75g dried