Organic French Green Lentils (900g/2lbs)



Organic Manitoba Grown French Green Lentils (900g/2 lbs)

Our French Green Lentils are grown on an organic farm in SouthWest Manitoba, and are cleaned in our mill in Lundar.  These are whole lentils, so they take a bit longer to cook than a split lentil, but the wait is worth it!  One of our favourite recipes is posted here, and there are piles of other recipes shared on the “Winter Grain CSA” facebook group.  Look for the entire BOOK of lentil recipes posted by one of the members 🙂

This product will come in an oat package or an unlabelled bag because we don’t have packages printed yet (and our packaging supplier is experiencing manufacturing delays…).

Also, please note that the soybeans were grown on a field that had previously grown wheat and there is wheat-contamination in the soybeans.  Anyone with severe gluten sensitivities should avoid this product.