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  • The forlorn face says it all: what is all this snow doing here!?!? This will be the summer's oat field...thoughts of things-that-grow are good thoughts to have on frosty mornings 🌬

    February 20

  • Pretending to fit in with the professionals at the St Charles Country Club yesterday...had a ton of fun preparing our rice blend and energy bites for a crowd of chefs. Thanks to everyone who put up with my annoying questions (where's the water tap that's not pre-mixed with bleach...and how does a kitchen THIS big not have any measuring cups?) and to those who came out for the evening 😄

    February 14

  • The moment i've been waiting for since last summer when I met Patty and Andrew Harris and heard they were growing emmer wheat on their organic farm...drool...

    January 27

  • Reminder to all Brandon-ites that your Grain CSA pick-up will be tomorrow from 2:00 until 6:00 at 318 11th St. Simmering up a pot of black-bean soup to share when you come for your pick-up, so bring along and bowl and spoon (along with your containers to fill if you can). Looking forward to a much mellower day than last Saturday 🤣

    January 24

  • Snippets from yesterday - as we started to haul bags of grain (down a flight of stairs!!!) into the taproom pick-up depot early in the morning, my husband encouraged me with the words "you know this is impossible, right?" And many times throughout the day it seemed he might be right. Piles and piles and piles of food, and each and every pound was lovingly scooped out, often by the farmer who grew it, and weighed into individual containers of all shapes and sizes brought from your homes. I brought in one box of packages at the start of the day for any customers who might need extra, and hauled out 4/5 of a box of unused packaging at the end of the day! One person stopped me in the early afternoon, at the point where the line was at risk of snaking out the door into the -30 cold, and when I was afraid that it all really was impossible, and said "this isn't grocery shopping - this is a food celebration!" Thanks to everyone who showed up - to help out in so many different ways, to support a crazy idea, and to make the impossible happen...

    January 20