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  • When there's work to be done...but kittens...

    August 26

  • Cutting down our oat field today - not a lot of oats on each plant, but some in the hand is better than more in the field 😉

    August 17

  • That feeling you get when you glance over your shoulder and realize that you're being followed by a gang of amaranth, and that their shady hemp friends are lurking just around the corn(er). So inspiring to see the amazing crops that our friends at @tamarackfarms are experimenting with. They grew the hemp, quinoa, and yellow peas for last year's Grain CSA, and there are some fun possibilities for the year ahead!!! #helpimsurroundedbythugs #graincsa #manitobaorganic #knowyourfarmer

    August 15

  • Such a privilege to be part of the #diyhomesteaderfestival this past weekend. All the zero-waste initiatives (bring your own dinner-ware) made for beautifully empty trash-cans and a wonderful feeling of camaraderie as we all look for ways to live gently on our earth. Extra thanks to #stoneybrookcreamery for donating their organic milk in reusable glass jars 😍 (photo credit to blonde.girl.hikes)

    August 12

  • Looking to re-skill and connect with a community of likeminded do-ers, grow-ers, homesteaders and sustainable-minded city folk? The DIY Homesteader Festival is fast approaching, with workshops on everything from Permaculture design to cheesemaking! We'll be there with Stoneybrook Creamery serving up a free oatmeal breakfast to campers, and hope to see you there! www.homesteaderfest.ca

    July 22


Orders for our Winter Grain CSA are now closed. Thanks to everyone who jumped on board this year! For information about the January 18th pick-up day, please see our facebook event page, or watch your inbox for a newsletter coming soon! Dismiss