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  • The week ahead is looking like a lentil-y kind of week. With 10 lbs of these beauty's heading into each grain bundle, we will have a lot of work in the mill to get them cleaned and ready for your winter soup-pots!

    December 17

  • The very best food can be affordable when we cut out much of the transportation, packaging, and distribution costs that "conventional" retail requires. We are pretty happy to be able to offer our Grain CSA Sampler Bundle at a ridiculously good price. For $40 you can gift someone a taste of all of the organic grains that are in the regular share. If you were to purchase all of these items at a big box store, your bill would come in at over $65...but with this sampler grain bundle you can avoid the lineups and parking lots of Christmas shopping, and instead support local farmers and waste-free alternatives! ❄️

    December 15

  • Someone asked me today why i'm calling our Winter Grain CSA a "zero waste" initiative. I started to boast about all the people who are opting to bring their own reused containers to pick up their food bundles...and then I thought a bit deeper. It's actually not "Zero Waste" it is "Negative Waste" A lot of the food being prepared for the Grain CSA was on the periphery of the production system - grown in too small of quantities, too far from processors, or in some way not meeting aesthetic requirements (for example, some of the black beans are split in half, and grain processors are afraid that consumers won't like to see beans that are imperfect...i'm pretty sure they will taste exactly the same in soup or enchiladas 🤣). This Grain CSA project is one way that we think we can have a positive impact on a major problem facing the environment - 40% of the food grown in Canada is wasted, and we need to learn to tackle this problem at every step along the way!

    December 13

  • We are ridiculously excited to be adding a new item into the CSA grain bundle. Emmer is an ancient variety of wheat that has been largely ignored by modern agriculture, but was grown here in Manitoba this past summer (shucks...can't find the emoticon for 'doing the happy dance'...exclamation marks will just have to do) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patty and Andrew Harris (along with the generation above and below them) have just begun transitioning their family's farm near Stonewall to organic management, and they are experimenting with ancient grains as they find a rotation that will build soil health on their farm. This grain will be milled and ground into flour by Dan and Fran Deruyck, and we have decided to toss 7lbs into each grain bundle because we are so excited to be supporting this family as they begin their organic farming adventures. For those with allergies or other gluten aversions, this item can be substituted with any other product on request. 20lb bags are also available as an additional add-on for those with a penchant for baking 🙂

    December 11

  • Thank you all for your delicious entries! We are so excited to give all of your flax and quinoa tips and recipes a go. - We’ve drawn our contest winner this morning, and are excited to announce Steph Manning as our winning contestant! Way to go Steph! Thank you for your recipe ideas! 🌲 In other Winter Grain Share news, we have made an option to purchase a $40 ‘sample’ size package of grain as an add-on. This makes it simple to "add-on" a gift sized portion for sharing the local-food-love over the holiday season✨ - #farmtotable #grainsofmb #adagioacres #directfarmmb #winnipegeats

    December 10