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  • An ode to all things ugly and unappreciated on earth day: dreamy photos of new budding leaves, bright flowers pushing up through green grass and babies hugging trees...inspiring indeed...but let's not forget rotting logs and ant piles! If we are going to forge a way forward in the face of seemingly overwhelming human impact we need to be able to embrace it all, to see the role that each of us has to play, no matter how unglamorous it may seem. Do your thing, nasty little biting ants. I might keep some distance between me and your waist high nests...but please don't feel any less loved because of it 🐜💕

    April 22

  • Checking on how our wee little shelterbelt trees fared the winter. 7 years after planting them, they are growing taller, but not always peeking up over the windswept grass. I am always so impatient to grow up and move forward, but I need to slow down and appreciate the fledgling stages as well, when trees have thorns but no fruit and are mostly hidden by the grass. Had the incredible opportunity to visit the barn from my Grandma's childhood farm over the weekend. The ladders she climbed and the hay lofts she played in. The maple trees that were just barely big enough for her to tap, now towering over the lane. I want to savour every step of the way.

    April 09

  • After last week's oatmeal disaster (note: lavender saskatoon oatmeal is entirely unedible), we're back to tried and true oatmeal toppings today 🐇🥕 Thanks for the carrots @jonathansfarm 😋 #porridgeloversunite #adagioacres

    March 13

  • We all have times when we get a step ahead of ourselves. When we hop off the sled only to realize that we're now wearing footie pajamas in a snowbank. When we tear apart a motor in a reckless abandon of screwdrivers and pliers, but have no idea how to get the roller mill working again (oops)... It's got it's downsides. The cold toes and tangled mess of wires, but I'm also incredibly grateful to be in a place where I can be taking risks. Trying new things with the confidence that even if they don't work out, i'll be okay. 6 years in to this whole farming and milling adventure (yup, six years folks!!!), and I'm still just a toddler in footie pyjamas, but having a pile of fun along the way 👣

    March 05

  • February 26