Naked Oats Harvest

Welcome to Adagio Acres. We are an organic family farm in Manitoba, we love putting seeds in the ground, watching them grow, and sharing the harvest!

We believe that food should be a reminder and an excuse to slow down, to find a relaxed 'adagio' tempo that provides time for family, community, and the things that have real value to us. A warm bowl of oats in the morning as the sun rises instead of a drive-through muffin, stirring up a bowl of cookies with our kids instead of reaching into a plastic package for a factory-shaped sugar-sphere.

For us, a slower tempo means re-imagining agriculture as a practice that makes sense for family and for the communities around us. It means taking time to consider the needs of the land that we live on, one handful of dirt at a time.

Naked Oats

Grasshopper Sm w.testimonial Naked Oats have been cultivated for thousands of years, and are valued for their unique flavour and texture, higher nutritional levels, and sustainable processing.


Oats and Gluten

DSC05948sm Our commitment to providing gluten-free oats starts in the fields with carefully selected wheat-free seed, and ends in our dedicated gluten-free facility.  Learn more...  



Amy N 14 Looking for new ways to use Naked Oats?  We eat an absurd quantity of oats around here, and are always experimenting with new recipes and ideas.  


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  • Our new morning routine: a steamy pot of oatmeal for us (nothing new here) and a second pot of oatmeal for the ladies in the hen house. We try to be pseudo-scientific about charting egg production through these chilly months, and I think that soaking grains makes the nutrients more accessible, but really it's about sharing the oat-love equally for all critters (although I have to admit that the leftover strawberry sauce went into our pot, not theirs...).

    January 12

  • We're in the Free Press!

    January 01

  • Rolled, Quick Cooking, Steel Cut, or in the pot nine days old...whatever your oat preference, we've got you covered! And if our retail packages just don't cut it, you can order our 9kg bags from My Farmers Market to be delivered to your door:

    December 31

  • Looking for something special (but still reasonably healthy) to start your holiday mornings? These gluten free oat waffles are mixed up in the evening and soaked overnight, leaving you free to enjoy the sparkle of Christmas.

    December 21

  • A big thank you to everyone who helped to make this year's Holiday Community Dinner a success! Thank you to our community members and volunteers for coming out! Thank you to Broadway Pharmacy for sponsoring the dinner! Thank you to Tall Grass Prairie Bread Co. for donating cookies for Santa's gift bags! Thank you to Lynne Stevens for giving neighbourhood kids the chance to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus! Thank you to Agape Table for lending us some extra chairs to make sure everyone was able to have a seat! Thank you to Adagio Acres, for their generous donation of gluten-free oats which we used to make dessert! And last, but not least, thank you to each member of Alpha No. 92 I.O.O.F., who made it possible to purchase $500 worth of hats, mitts and scarves for distribution at the dinner!

    December 19