Naked Oats In the field Harvest

Welcome to Adagio Acres. We are an organic family farm in Manitoba, we love putting seeds in the ground, watching them grow, and sharing the harvest!

We believe that food should be a reminder and an excuse to slow down, to find a relaxed 'adagio' tempo that provides time for family, community, and the things that have real value to us. A warm bowl of oats in the morning as the sun rises instead of a drive-through muffin, stirring up a bowl of cookies with our kids instead of reaching into a plastic package for a factory-shaped sugar-sphere.

For us, a slower tempo means re-imagining agriculture as a practice that makes sense for family and for the communities around us. It means taking time to consider the needs of the land that we live on, one handful of dirt at a time.

Naked Oats

Grasshopper Sm w.testimonial Naked Oats have been cultivated for thousands of years, and are valued for their unique flavour and texture, higher nutritional levels, and sustainable processing.


Oats and Gluten

DSC05948sm Our commitment to providing gluten-free oats starts in the fields with carefully selected wheat-free seed, and ends in our dedicated gluten-free facility.  Learn more...  



Amy N 14 Looking for new ways to use Naked Oats?  We eat an absurd quantity of oats around here, and are always experimenting with new recipes and ideas.  


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  • Calling oat connisseurs of Calgary - we'll be sampling our Naked Oats at Planet Organic (Varsity Dr.) today from 10:00-2:00. Looking forward to a day of meeting more friendly Calgarians and eating energy bites 😋

    January 21

  • Some frosty winter mornings just need an extra boost. Over the past few years i've heard more than one "old timer" reminisce about the "good ol' days," waking up to a steaming bowl of oatmeal and butter. So when winter dug in it's heels I thought it was time to give it a try. I have to admit -32ºC doesn't feel quite so terrible with a few extra calories on board 😁

    January 12

  • Why we (and grasshoppers) love Naked Oats Did you know that early farmers across Asia and Northern Europe, as well as many of the pioneers to North America, often grew two different types of oats? There was the oat that is surrounded by a straw-like hull, and was fed to livestock. But for us human folks with wimpy molars, a different type of oat was grown. Enter “Naked Oats.” The hull would thresh off easily when the oat was harvested, and the resulting grain could be more easily used in the family porridge pot. Industrial processing has since made it possible to eat hulled oats by first steaming the oat to soften the hull, and strangely, our modern society has even come to prefer hulled oats because the yields are higher and they are more durable in extended storage and transportation. The vast majority (97 percent!) of oats grown in North America are fed to livestock anyways, so Naked Oats have been all but relegated to the dusty shelves of plant archives and history books. But we’re not so sure that we should be choosing to eat what is prolific, durable, and well suited for horses. Naked Oats boast higher protein and fibre levels, more antioxidants, and a richer, nuttier flavour, and we think they deserve another chance - and sometimes even a hug!

    January 08

  • Look ma - no trees! We loaded the farm truck up with oats and took a mini road trip to Saskatoon. You can now find our Naked Oats at Soul Foods Conscious Grocer and Herbs n'Health...and more to come!

    December 15

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