Winter Grain CSA (Gigantic Share)



Your January 2020 grain bundle will include the following Manitoba grown products (the volume is also included to help you plan out which containers to bring):

Organic Naked Oats (20 lbs – your choice of rolled, steel cut, or quick cooking) (prepackaged – unless you have a giant 20 litre pail, but we know those aren’t easy to come  by…)

Organic Quinoa (12 lbs/8 litre container)

Organic French Green Lentils (8 lbs/4 litre container)

Organic Black Beluga Lentils (8 lbs/4 litre container)

Organic Yellow Peas (8 lbs/4.5 litre container)

Organic Wild Rice/Oat Rice (12 lbs/8 litre container)

Organic Black Beans (12 lbs/8 litre container)

Organic Flax (4 lbs/2.5 litre container)

Organic Cold-pressed Sunflower Oil (2 L)

Organic Camelina Oil (2 L)

Organic Lambsquarter Seeds (1 lb/1 litre container)

Organic Wild Rice (2 lbs/2.5 litre container)

Organic Whole Soy beans (6 lbs/4.5 litre container)

Organic Emmer Flour (16 lbs) (will be prepackaged) *** (check out the link below for a gluten-free share option)

Organic Spelt Flour (12 lbs) (will be prepackaged) ***

Organic Cornmeal (6 lbs/6 litre container)

Organic Clover Seeds (for sprouting) (2 lb/2 litre container)

Organic Desi Chickpeas (8 lbs/6 litre container)

Organic Hemp Seeds (2 lbs/2 litre container)


Some fun extras:  unmilled whole oat screenings (some hulls mixed in) that makes great oat milk.  About 4 lbs, or a 4L container.

And bring an extra 1L jar for the DIY Herb & Oat Bath Blend (details on our facebook event page)



Please help us reduce our environmental impact by bringing your own containers to the pick-up location.  None of these items will be packaged, so you will need to bring approximately seven 2-gallon pails, seven 1-gallon pails, and 4 one-litre wine bottles, or containers of equivalent size.  The photo above is an example of a full-sized 2019 share, and the size of containers that we found to carry it all.  An exception is the emmer flour and spelt flour, which will be pre-packaged in order to prevent gluten contamination in the other products.

If you have extra containers (a stack of clean ice-cream pails, that stash of mason jars from your granny who no longer makes boat-loads of jelly every summer, and wine bottles with screw-tops are particularly helpful for transporting oil), please bring them along for those who aren’t able to bring enough.  We will have a zero-waste station set up where extras can be exchanged and re-purposed.


Pick up will be on Saturday, January 18th, from 9:00-5:00 at the J.R. Watkins Wareshouse building on Annabella St. in downtown Winnipeg.  Expect to meet lots of the farmers who grew your winter grain supply, enjoy a bowl of soup or a mug of steamy oat-milk, and spend time trading cooking tips with like-minded folks.  Please consider carpooling to the pick-up, for all the usual reasons, and to help keep the parking situation reasonable for everyone.

For those who are not able to make the pick-up day, the option of having your share pre-packaged and delivered (to Winnipeg or Brandon) at a later date is also available.  See the add-on below for details and pricing.


If you’re a single person or small household, half-sized shares are also available.


Help us make local organic food available to everyone.  As a result of last year’s CSA, we were able to donate over 1,000lbs of local organic grain to community organizations like Food Matters Manitoba, the Muslim Women’s Foodbank, and to individuals in need, as well as an additional 5,000lbs of rolled oats to Winnipeg Harvest and the School Breakfast Program throughout the year.   Again in 2020, our goal is to donate a minimum of 1 share to a family in need for every 15 shares purchased.


For additional local food items, check out the add-ons below for locally grown root-veggies, honey, or extra oats.

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