Winter Grain Bundles

Winter Grain Bundles

Our Grain Bundles are designed to help support farmers by making the very best use of what is locally grown and available here in Manitoba. They are a collection of grains, seeds, oils, flours and pulses grown on organic farms around the province, and processed/milled either by us, or the farmer growing the crop (if they have processing/cleaning capacity on farm) to minimize the carbon footprint of transportation.

All the items in the shares are certified organic, and in addition, many are products that otherwise would become “on-farm food waste” (downgraded to animal feed or composted) because of the lack of processing available here in the province.

Two basic shares are available – the regular Grain Bundle includes some gluten-containing products like ancient grain flours. Our Gluten-Free Bundles are safe for those with celiacs or other gluten intolerances.

Some additional add-ons are also available if you are already purchasing a grain bundle and want more of certain items to top up your winter supply. All of the extra items will be available for pick-up or delivery in January 2022 along with your grain share.

Sign-ups for the January 2022 Grain Bundles is over, so if you missed out this year, mark your calendar to check back next year in late-October.

We’ll also have some of the items available to order individually after the grain bundle pick-ups are complete in February (oats of course, and also lentils, and beans, and hopefully a few others as well). These will be available under the ‘shop’ tab and the category “Manitoba Organic Grains”.

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