Manitoba Organic Grains & Pulses

The products in this category are available for on-farm pick-up (Lundar), or delivery to Winnipeg (weekly…usually but not always Fridays…these have been strange times, and schedules and routines have been tossed to the wind lately…). We have a variety of grains and pulses that we have either grown on our farm, or that are part of a project that we recently started to reduce on-farm food-loss. We are trying to reduce food waste by buying crops that otherwise couldn’t be sold into the conventional market. The world of grain farming is huge in scale, so any crop of less than about 10,000lbs cannot be sold because of the high cost of transportation and brokering. The equivalent of “ugly vegetables”, small quantities of grain would otherwise not find a market, so we are using our oat mill to clean and process these “small” crops to bring their to your homes where they can find the love they deserve!
Check back in late January for a larger selection of lentils, beans, cornmeal, buckwheat flour, etc.

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Sign-ups for our January 2021 Winter Grain Bundles are now closed. A million thanks for everyone who is joining us this year! The pick-up schedule is available at: Dismiss