Farm News

  • I had an opportunity to chat about food and farming on "Your Wellness Journey" podcast. You can listen to the podcast here 🙂

    January 16

  • January 02

  • I was gifted this beautiful book made by the amazing folks at Salt Spring Seeds. I want to pass it forward, and will be ordering a few more copies to give away. Tag a friend who knows that food can save the world, and both of your names will be entered in a draw 😊 Deadline friday at noon. Not endorsed by facebook blah blah blah...

    January 02

  • Awefully nice to spend the whole day making a gigantic mess in the mill...and then come back to a house that was cleaned from top to bottom while I was gone 💕 Who can resist the colours of this amazing organic corn though!?!

    December 30

  • I'm so excited about the conversations that this could generate in other places - I think there's huge potential for our CSA model to adapt and grow and spring up in different forms in other regions! And a million thanks to Fabiana Li for writing this article for Food Tank 🙂

    December 17